Rio 2016: Brazil rolls out new anti-terrorism measures ahead of Olympics

The Brazilian government has as of late been reporting the measures to strengthen security at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on Aug.5-21, particularly after the capture of ten individuals associated with plotting terrorist acts. Different messages demonstrated these individuals praising the assaults in Orlando and Nice…and posting and sharing executions completed by the Islamic State,” included the pastor.

In a mystery operation codenamed Hashtag led two weeks before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games start, 10 individuals were captured in various states. This was reported by Justice Minister Alexandre Moraes on July 21 at a public interview, who expressed that those captured had been given brief jail sentences of 30 days. They rehashed recordings, there was no cooperation. The individual who promised dependability was made to trust they were a piece of the Islamic State,” clarified Moraes.

He said the main period of Operation Hashtag had captured 10 people accepted to be a piece of a “suspected terrorism cell” in Brazil. Two more suspects were not captured but rather are as of now being looked for. They rehashed recordings, there was no association. A week ago, General Sergio Etchegoyen, boss priest of institutional security, said the Nice assault had driven the legislature “to update all efforts to establish safety and receive much more inflexible security” for the Games.

On Thursday, the legislature held a question and answer session where it declared that, keeping in mind the end goal to control and manage transport, more than 21,000 troopers from the Brazilian armed force will watch parkways, train stations, the Rio port and the city’s air terminals. Amid the Olympic Games, a world class military unit will likewise be in charge of security at rivalry locales, while Rio’s military police will concentrate on open security in the city.

On July 24, when the Olympic Village opens, confinements will start on the airspace around Rio, with the aviation based armed forces having 80 planes and 15,000 work force to guarantee air wellbeing. Jungmann likewise included that delegates “from knowledge organizations and frameworks of 106 nations” would likewise be on the ground to help security endeavors. New security standards additionally went into power on July 18, with expanded checks at air terminals, including irregular pursuits of travelers and baggage.

The following is a manual for each venue and stadium utilized amid the Rio 2016 Olympics. New for 2016, Google Street View have been catching what it resembles inside the venues. Look at the perspective Usain Bolt will see as he lines up in the Rio Olympic Stadium. View the area for every venue utilizing the guide, and discover more about every stadium beneath. The fanciful football stadium will organize the Opening and Closing Ceremony, and key matches in the football competition.

Another ‘X-Park’ venue, the uneven earth track has been worked for the Olympics, with sharp turns and soak slopes. The third fundamental ‘X-Park’ venue is 5,400 meters in length and hosts the harsh and-prepared mountain bicycle occasions. Street cycling, vast water marathon swimming and marathon will take start at this wonderful spot toward the end of Copacabana Beach. The track cycling focus was one of the last venues to be finished by the Olympic developers. Reason worked for the Games, the track will keep on being utilized once the Olympics is done.


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